How to Spot and Treat Work Burnout

Work burnout is work-related stress that results from long-term, excessive, and intense daily work. It can be emotional or physical. Sadly, it can prevent you from thinking about work or being at work. Since work burnout can slow your productivity and harm you, it’s vital to spot and treat it immediately.


How do you identify work burnout?

• One of the signs of work burnout is when employees cannot do the same work that they did before.

• A spike in error rate from a worker who rarely makes errors is also a sign of burnout.

• An employee can start to take several sick days or have unexplained absences.

• It can also be a burnout sign it an employee works the same workers with lower output.

How do you treat work burnout?

• Reduce the number of decision-makers so that the employees are not drained of energy and time.

• Employers should listen to their staff.

• Avoid under or overworking the employees.

• Employers or managers should not tolerate toxic personalities who can bully other workers.

• Organizations should set clear expectations so that employees know the objectives they are supposed to achieve.

Since work burnout is detrimental, the employees and employers are responsible for spotting it and solving it time. However, with a better working environment and good relationships, work burnt can be reduced.