Three Fitness Myths Busted

Are you confused as to what you should be doing at the gym? Are you working out but not seeing the results? There are some fitness myths we are going to look at to help you in your workout journey. Fitness is important and it is more than just a passing trend. We are going to look at what works and what does not work.

Myth 1 The more you sweat the more calories you will burn

False: The amount of sweat is the response the body has to overheat. This allows the body to regulate its temperature. Sweating can occur in many different environments. Calorie count and the number of calories burnt are more about movement than sweating. Look at your movement more than the amount that you are sweating.

Myth 2 Stretching is Good for Muscle Recovery

False. Stretching can help loosen up the muscles and will increase flexibility. You will get increased blood flow to your muscles. Studies have shown that this does not have your muscle recover faster or help respond to fatigue.

Myth 3 Running Outdoors is Better on the Knees than the Treadmill

This myth is also incorrect. Running is good for the body and uses the same motion no matter the location. Women are four times more likely to suffer a knee injury than men. Running is a strenuous activity and it will some pressure on the joins. It is best to use different types of cardio exercises to help keep you going in the future. Working with other types of cardio including the elliptical machine or a bicycle can help reduce impact and any harm on the knees. This can increase your running skills if you will do better in the long run.

These myths will help you with your workout and will help you develop a plan right for you.