Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body While You Sleep

An adult needs at least 7 hours of quality sleep. This time is essential and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for daily activities. During sleep, both the body and brain go through several things that allow them to heal and release hormones for new growth. But, beyond that, there are amazing things that happen when you fall asleep. They include:

sleeping benefits

  • Muscles get paralyzed

The deepest sleep occurs in the Rapid Eye Movement part of sleep. At this point, all muscles, especially the limbs, become paralyzed and cannot move. The muscle paralysis prevents you from taking action when you dream

  • The throat narrows

When you fall asleep, the throat narrows, and it’s the leading cause of snoring. It’s not the only cause of snoring; other things like nasal obstruction can make breathing difficult. But, the narrowing of the throat is the primary cause of annoying noises released by some people while sleeping.

  • Impulsive sexual arousal

During sleep, people experience impulsive sexual arousal. This happens when the brain’s activity peaks, especially in the rapid eye movement sleep stage. It occurs because more blood flow is needed to supply enough oxygen in the brain. It affects all body organs without sparing the intimate ones leading to sexual hormones activation.

When asleep, there are many startling things that can happen to you. However, the body seems to be in control in most cases and continues to function smoothly, even when in a deep sleep.

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